For Sellers

We create value for sellers based on market knowledge, access to a large pool of qualified buyers, and a system of creating the broadest possible exposure for every property.  Our approach has resulted in several unique features and client benefits:

Market Knowledge
Whether you are actively pursuing the sale of your property or interested in maximizing returns during ownership, West Group’s unique expertise can help create value. Our extensive local market knowledge and property-type specialization enable us to advise owners on leading-edge pricing, property positioning and creating long-term strategies that support wealth generation and preservation.

Brokerage Community Outreach
Listing websites, professional brochures, e-presentations and e-mail campaigns are used to access buyers and brokers.

Impact Marketing
Upon listing a property, various databases are utilized to match the property with the most likely potential buyers locally, regionally or nationally. Direct offering memorandums and promotional materials are often utilized to present the opportunity.  A direct marketing campaign is initiated, followed by personal follow-up to all potential buyers.  Property marketing campaigns are tailored to meet clients’ needs, ranging from a tiered and targeted approach to broad exposure locally, regionally and nationally.

All of our resources and support systems are tailored to understanding local trends and serving our client’s needs. Our track record has resulted in the accumulation of extensive market knowledge, expertise in property valuation and positioning, creating marketing momentum through exposure and proactive transaction management.

If you are considering selling a property in San Francisco, are seeking a property valuation or would just like to learn more about our various services, please contact us anytime.